Sad emo poems in Spanish

Here you get three sad emo poems images with Spanish quotes and the meaning of all them in English. These phrases express a feeling related to situations close to love, no matter if you love a specific person or love yourself.

So if you need a little bit of inspiration, just take a look at every short poem. They were written by another ones who wanted a way to tell their emotions by words.

sad emo poems

Meaning for this Spanish short poem

After all I do love you…
and you just
let me a huge hole
in my heart…


Meaning for this Spanish sad poem

Here you have my heart…
Do what you want to do with
Throw it away
Walk on it
Break it
But I would like you know
you’re within…

Spanish sad poem

Meaning for this Spanish poem for emo girls

The woman in the mirror

There is anyone in my mirror
Who is crying at night
It seems to be sad and is afraid.
I wonder who is it.

It seems to have a story
In her sad eyes
Glass eyes,
Tired of crying
There is nothing I may tell her
in order to make her happy again.

Her tears fall silently
Whenever she looks at me.
There is nobody by her side
She wants a hug
But there is no one.

The woman in the mirror
I do know her for a long time ago
The woman in the mirror
It’s me.

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